March 25 2017

Amazing what these big excavators can do  😃

October 13 2017


October 12 2017

Meshack & Mteshana making space 😅

October 12 2017

A place where everyone knows your name 💛

October 11 2017

What an incredible team!!!

This is what "making steady progress" looks like as the clean up continues after being hit hard by the storm ☔

It's these gentle natures & warm smiles that never cease to amaze me even when times get tough.

Thank you to each...  

October 10 2017

Be the change you want to see 🖤

October 10 2017

Management & Staff of Southern Scrap Metals extend heartfelt concern to all affected by the flooding today.

As a result, we unfortunately had to close our gates as the conditions were impossible to work in but we were all fortunate enough to get home...  

October 9 2017

Welcome to a new week 😃

Non Ferrous prices are due to increase ... we will keep you posted 💛

October 8 2017
October 7 2017

Another wonderful day ahead of hard work & dedication 😊

October 6 2017